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5 reasons the furMe Pet Grooming Vacuum System is the perfect gift for pet owners

5 reasons this is the perfect 🎁 gift for pet owners

Pet grooming can be a real struggle. Here's why furMe is the gift for pet owners that keeps giving! 

Keep your pet looking fresh without the hassle

Keep your pet looking fresh without the mess

Whether it’s trying to keep your fluffy friend calm and relaxed or failing to prevent loose fur from somehow getting to every corner of your home, every step of the process is challenging. Wouldn’t it be great if you could freshen up Fido and Snowball without feeling like a lion tamer? Now you can with furMe, a new kit that makes grooming effortless by quietly vacuuming up loose fur as you go so there’s zero cleaning up to do! furMe is designed to work safely with any fur type and is whisper-quiet for even the most sensitive of pets. Featuring attachments for every situation, furMe will help you groom your cuddly pal in minutes with no fuss.

5-in-1 professional kit for head-to-tail grooming

Proper pet grooming requires the right tools. The wrong brush might mean not collecting molting fur, or worse, causing discomfort to your pet! The wrong kind of clippers can lead to a choppy cut, and other animals will probably laugh at their pet for not fitting in with the latest furstyles. That’s why furMe provides them with all the tools you need to give your furry buddy the fresh, hip cut they deserve. The Grooming and De-shedding Brushes are perfect for gently collecting loose fur, and the adjustable AirClipper electric clipper can safely trim even the thickest of coats. All of these attachments can be connected to the furMe vacuum to capture fur and dander as you go. Finally, the cleaning brush and crevice nozzle attachments make cleanup simple (if there even is any).

5-in-1 professional grooming vacuum kit for head-to-tail grooming
Zero cleanups with no-mess clipping

Zero cleanups with no-mess clipping

You’ve settled your pet down thanks to some YouTube hypnotism tutorials and have somehow managed to get their coat looking smart with the tools you already have. What a relief, right? But now your entire floor is covered in loose fur (not to mention whatever dirt might have been in it) and your cuddly buddy is running around, spreading it everywhere! You’re probably going to spend just as much time on cleanup as you did on the grooming itself. With furMe, cleanup is already taken care of. All loose fur (and anything else that might have gotten into your pet’s coat) is collected while they’re brushing or clipping, so when the grooming’s finished, so are you!

Save money with fewer pet-parlor appointments

When you want your pet to look their best, you take them to that award-winning pet groomer who styles animals for Hollywood. They made your pet look great, but with some proper rolling in mud, it’s all been undone within a week! We can’t turn you into a professional groomer overnight. But with furMe, you can keep that million-dollar coat up to scratch for longer. With fast trims and easy touch-ups at home, save money with fewer visits to that A-list pet parlor! Plus, you can keep key areas like their face and toes tidy, so next time you won’t have to explain to the groomer that your pet is somewhere under that giant mound of shaggy, muddy fur…

Save money with fewer pet-parlor appointments
Happy pets guaranteed with a 40-day trial!

Happy pets guaranteed with a 40-day trial!

Saving time and money is one thing, but we know nothing is more important than our fluffy friend’s happiness and well-being. That’s why furMe includes a Love-It guarantee! You can try it for up to 40 days, and if you or your pet aren’t satisfied with furMe, you can return it to us for a full refund. 

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